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Now that we have begun to send out invites to BitTorrent Live broadcaster applicants, it seemed like a great time to begin a series of technical articles discussing the product. We’re taking slow steps toward completely opening the floodgates, trying to make sure that we have a usable, rock solid product once we release it to the world. Right now, you can enjoy the channels of our first broadcasters without an invite.

Meanwhile, expect to see explanations of how Live operates internally, as well as tutorials on how to put it to use, here on the BitTorrent Engineering Blog.

The development of BitTorrent Live has consisted of work in essentially two camps. First is the Python-based ‘core’, which handles the actual functioning of the protocol, as well as the underlying cryptography used when transmitting and receiving data. Second is the ‘app’, which consists of a tight layer around the core, providing a command line interface, as well as a layer beyond that which provides a Windows, Mac, or Linux GUI.

As the core has become more stable over time, and major changes to the protocol less frequent, providing features like Local Peer Discovery has become a possibility. It is present in all major BitTorrent clients, and provides great performance and efficiency gains. Live is an entirely new protocol, written from the ground up, so adding support required a bit of planning.
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