BitTorrent Tech Talks: DHT

Arvid Norberg —  January 22, 2013 — 6 Comments


Every Wednesday, we meet in San Francisco, in a conference room creatively named San Francisco, for something we like to call Tech Talks. It’s one hour devoted to sharing the stuff that keeps us busy/keeps us up at night/keeps us coding.

In this week’s Tech Talks, we break down Distributed Hash Tables. Curious about how they work? Catch the video (above), or grab the slides over here.


Arvid Norberg


Arvid Norberg is the Chief Architect at BitTorrent, Inc., a veteran of the µTorrent team, one of the key members of the BitTorrent Chat development team, and expert in peer-to-peer technology.
  • B Brad

    Anyone have a link to the DHT optimization paper mentioned in the talk?

  • Paulo Cheadi Haddad Filho

    Thanks for sharing! Nice reference for a topic with no live talks through the Internet.

    Writing the reference in my thesis. =)

  • Pipo De Clown

    Arvid, your explanation is incredibly clear. Although I already had some knowledge of the idea of DHT I hadn’t ever actually read any white papers on it. Maybe it helps that I’m a software engineer myself, but this talk was FANTASTIC!

    One small complaint: please repeat the questions the audience asks you, because we only hear your responses (their voices are very faint).

  • B Brad

    Anyone have the slides? The dropbox link is dead.

  • Tom

    This appears to be an updated set of the slides – much prettier, same information: