A Quick and Dirty Dashboard using Meteor

Lauren Hockenson —  November 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

At BitTorrent, our team of engineers are managing a complex set of tasks across many versions of our growing products. Perhaps no team feels the squeeze now than the engineers working on Sync as it transitions to 2.0. Sync Engineer and frequent blog contributor Richard Brooks recognized the difficulty of tracking the progress of Sync across Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD:

“When you have to keep track of seven or eight things per branch of development that’s currently in development, it becomes difficult keeping track,” Richard explained. “Having a dashboard that displays everything simply is ideal.”

While the team utilizes Jenkins to understand the status of different builds, it can only do so in real time. So, Richard used Meteor to create a real-time dashboard for the Sync team to use — a task that he says took him roughly a night of coding. He then presented it at Worldwide Meteor Day in San Francisco.

“I knew Meteor was good for cranking out something quick and simple with not a lot of lines of code. It let me work on the interesting parts of the project, like the display and representation of the data, without worrying so much about how it’s done.”

Check out Richard’s presentation below, starting at the 2:43:41 mark:

Lauren Hockenson


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