Tech Talks: C++ in the 21st Century

Arvid Norberg —  March 26, 2014 — 3 Comments

BitTorrent Tech Talks are one-hour sessions dedicated to the stuff that keeps us busy / keeps us up at night / keeps us coding. From time to time, we post them here. Because sharing.

In this edition of Tech Talks: an overview of some C++ gems. I threw this talk together because my team was about to start a new project in C++11. Since it’s fairly new, I figured some of it might not be as well-known as it should. Fundamentally, I’m pretty excited about all the new possibilities in C++11. Even higher-level abstractions, at even lower cost than C++98.

In the video below, we go over for-loops, automatic type deduction, lambda functions and more.

Correction: I say that lambdas with an empty capture statement defaults to by-value, which is incorrect. It defaults to not capturing anything.

Follow along with the C++ in the 21st Century slides:

[slideshare id=32503770&doc=c21stcentury-140319141852-phpapp02]

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Arvid Norberg


Arvid Norberg is the Chief Architect at BitTorrent, Inc., a veteran of the µTorrent team, one of the key members of the BitTorrent Chat development team, and expert in peer-to-peer technology.